Make Your Massage A Retreat

Five ways to make the most of your massage

Even though you are busy, remember your body and mind are wired to need breaks from stress. By making an appointment for a massage, you are giving your body that much-needed break. Here are five ideas to maximize the relaxing benefits and help you turn your massage session into a mini-retreat.

Photo for Alison Trowbridge Massage

1.To extend the feelings of deep relaxation after your massage, try to schedule your massage sessions after significant events such as presentations, parties, meetings, etc., so you can fully unwind and not have to gear yourself up for something that requires significant effort and concentration on your part.

2. If possible, soak in a hot tub or bath before your massage to give your muscles a chance to warm and relax. Adding herbs such as lavender, rosemary or chamomile will enhance relaxation.

3. Don’t go back to work or run errands afterward. Go home and avoid the computer and telephone. Lie down, listen to music, or do simple activities such as reading or folding laundry to keep your mind in a dreamy state

4. Take a leisurely walk or simply sit by a window with a view of trees, water or a garden. Relax your eyes and focus on the colors and textures of the earthly environment.

5. Before bed the evening after your massage, drink a cup of herb tea such as chamomile or lavender to help you sleep.