Prices are based on a sliding scale, depending on a person’s ability to pay.  I don’t want the price to deter people from receiving the care and nurturing their bodies need.  The Swedish-based massage ranges in price from $40 to $60 per hour (60 minutes.)   The hot stone massage prices vary between $50 to $70 for one hour.


Cancellation of Appointments: Please give 24-hour notice if you have to cancel your appointment.  Missed appointments without this notice will be subject to the following:
First time:  all is forgiven, we all forget!
Second time:  $20.00 cancellation fee
Third time and any more thereafter: full appointment fee will be charged.
Exceptions to the above include sickness and cancellations due to weather.

Tardiness: Clients who arrive late to their appointments will be given their full bodywork time (the amount of time originally scheduled by the client) if Alison’s schedule allows.  If the schedule cannot accommodate the full amount of time, Alison will give the maximum amount possible within the schedule constraints.  The client will be expected to pay the amount for the full originally scheduled appointment time.

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